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Study on Application of LSPM Asphalt Mixture in Shuiyang Expressway of Shaanxi Province

YIN Lin-linWANG Quan-yong

CCCC-SHEC DONGMENG Engineering Co.,Ltd. Xi’an 710119, China

Abstract: Base on many years practice, semi-rigid base asphalt pavement structure also has some defects and shortcomings that couldnt be solved In view of this, combined with the common pavement structure types and existing problems in the use process of Shaanxi expressway asphalt pavement, according to the climate, traffic and material characteristics of Shaanxi Province, the material composition design and technical performance of large-size asphalt mixture (LSPM) flexible base course, series of problems, such as evaluation index, pavement structure combination mode, construction technology and quality control, were systematically studied and practiced by construction project of Dongmeng Company(Shaanxi Shuiyang High Speed LM-1 Standard) and research team of Changan University.

key words: large-size permeable mixturestructuremix proportionDesigntest section