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Performance Research on the Crack of Repaired Concrete Structures with LDM-type Inorganic Colloidal Material


(Shaanxi Expressway Construction Group CompanyXi’an 710065China)

Abstract: In view of the shortcomings of the current concrete repair materials on the market, LDM-type inorganic colloidal materials were developed in combination with the relevant requirements of maintenance engineering. The mechanical properties of epoxy resin materials and LDM inorganic colloidal materials were analyzed and compared, and environmental protection and economy were combined. The feasibility of the LDM type inorganic colloidal material was evaluated. The results show that the mechanical properties of LDM-type inorganic colloidal materials are better than those of epoxy resin materials. After comprehensive evaluation, it is considered that LDM-type inorganic colloidal materials are feasible in concrete crack repair engineering.  

Key words: ConcreteCrackRepairPerformance